Copy all files and folders using msbuild

I was searching help on this too. It took me a while, but here is what I did that worked really well. <Target Name=”AfterBuild”> <ItemGroup> <ANTLR Include=”..\Data\antlrcs\**\*.*” /> </ItemGroup> <Copy SourceFiles=”@(ANTLR)” DestinationFolder=”$(TargetDir)\%(RecursiveDir)” SkipUnchangedFiles=”true” /> </Target> This recursively copied the contents of the folder named antlrcs to the $(TargetDir).

Go build: “Cannot find package” (even though GOPATH is set)

It does not work because your foobar.go source file is not in a directory called foobar. go build and go install try to match directories, not source files. Set $GOPATH to a valid directory, e.g. export GOPATH=”$HOME/go” Move foobar.go to $GOPATH/src/foobar/foobar.go and building should work just fine. Additional recommended steps: Add $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH … Read more

What is a build tool?

What are build tools? Build tools are programs that automate the creation of executable applications from source code (e.g., .apk for an Android app). Building incorporates compiling,linking and packaging the code into a usable or executable form. Basically build automation is the act of scripting or automating a wide variety of tasks that software developers … Read more

How to store CMake build settings

There is an option to pre-load a script for populating the cache file with cmake using cmake -C <initial-cache> The initial-cache is a file containing variables set in the following way, e.g. for the install prefix: set(CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX “/my/install/prefix” CACHE PATH “”) Then just pass this file while populating the cache with cmake. Easy, but I … Read more

Lisp Executable

I was actually trying to do this today, and I found typing this into the CLisp REPL worked: (EXT:SAVEINITMEM “executable.exe” :QUIET t :INIT-FUNCTION ‘main :EXECUTABLE t :NORC t) where main is the name of the function you want to call when the program launches, :QUIET t suppresses the startup banner, and :EXECUTABLE t makes a … Read more

Gradle buildscript dependencies

The repositories in the buildscript block are used to fetch the dependencies of your buildscript dependencies. These are the dependencies that are put on the classpath of your build and that you can refer to from your build file. For instance extra plugins that exist on the internet. The repositories on the root level are … Read more

specify project file of a solution using msbuild

msbuild test.sln /t:project /p:Configuration=”Release” /p:Platform=”x86″ /p:BuildProjectReferences=false Notice that what is assigned to /t is the project name in the solution, it can be different from the project file name. Also, as stated in How to: Build specific targets in solutions by using MSBuild.exe: If the project name contains any of the characters %, $, @, … Read more

How to promote a specific build number from another job in Jenkins?

Update as of version 2.23 of Parameterized Trigger Plugin: With version 2.23+ behavior changed (thanks AbhijeetKamble for pointing out). Any parameter that is being passed by Predefined Parameters section of calling (build) job has to exist in the called (deploy) job. Furthermore, the restrictions of called job’s parameters apply, so if the called job’s parameter … Read more

CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is not being used in CMakeLists.txt

There are two types of generators: single-configurations and multi-configurations. Single configurations Make-like generators: Unix Makefiles, NMake Makefiles, MinGW Makefiles, … You set the configuration type in the generate step: cmake -H. -B_builds/Debug -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug “-GUnix Makefiles” In this case, the build step is always Debug: > cmake –build _builds/Debug /usr/bin/c++ -g … > cmake –build _builds/Debug … Read more