How can i use soft assertion in Cypress

The soft assertion concept is pretty cool, and you can add it with minimal implementation to Cypress const jsonAssertion = require(“soft-assert”) it(‘asserts several times and only fails at the end’, () => { jsonAssertion.softAssert(10, 12, “expected actual mismatch”); // some more assertions, not causing a failure jsonAssertion.softAssertAll(); // Now fail the test if above fails … Read more

API Automation Testing : Is there any way to automate download scenario with content validation?

2 options. If you are sure the binary contents of the file will never change, do a binary comparison, see this example: upload-image.feature: And match response == read(‘karate-logo.jpg’) You have to write some custom code. There are Java libraries to read Excel. Use one of those, read the data, and then compare with expected results. … Read more

Karate- Need help to assert a single dimension array for date range

Here you go: * def dateToLong = “”” function(s) { var SimpleDateFormat = Java.type(‘java.text.SimpleDateFormat’); var sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(“yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSS”); return sdf.parse(s).time; } “”” * def min = dateToLong(‘2019-04-24T17:25:00.000’) * def max = dateToLong(‘2019-04-24T17:50:00.000’) * def isValid = function(x){ var temp = dateToLong(x); return temp >= min && temp <= max } * def response = … Read more

Schedule automatic daily upload with FileZilla [closed]

FileZilla does not have any command line arguments (nor any other way) that allow an automatic transfer. Some references: FileZilla Client command-line arguments How do I send a file with FileZilla from the command line? Though you can use any other client that allows automation. You have not specified, what protocol you are using. … Read more

How to find the UpgradeCode and ProductCode of an installed application in Windows 7

IMPORTANT: It’s been a while since this answer was originally posted, and smart people came up with wiser answers. Check How can I find the Upgrade Code for an installed MSI file? from @ Stein ├ůsmul if you need a solid and comprehensive approach. Here’s another way (you don’t need any tools): open system registry … Read more

Karate UI drag and drop [duplicate]

Drag and drop is actually quite hard to get right, so I recommend doing this via JavaScript. Executing JS is actually quite easy using Karate: * driver ‘’ * script(“var myDragEvent = new Event(‘dragstart’); myDragEvent.dataTransfer = new DataTransfer()”) * waitFor(‘{}Draggable 1’).script(“_.dispatchEvent(myDragEvent)”) * script(“var myDropEvent = new Event(‘drop’); myDropEvent.dataTransfer = myDragEvent.dataTransfer”) * script(‘#mydropzone’, “_.dispatchEvent(myDropEvent)”) * screenshot() … Read more

headless internet browser? [closed]

Here are a list of headless browsers that I know about: HtmlUnit – Java. Custom browser engine. Limited JavaScript support/DOM emulated. Open source. Ghost – Python only. WebKit-based. Full JavaScript support. Open source. Twill – Python/command line. Custom browser engine. No JavaScript. Open source. PhantomJS – Command line/all platforms. WebKit-based. Full JavaScript support. Open source. … Read more