How to access the current Subversion build number?

Have your build process call the svnversion command, and embed its output into generated {source|binaries}. This will not only give the current revision (as many other examples here do), but its output string will also tell whether a build is being done in a mixed tree or a tree which doesn’t exactly match the revision … Read more

How exactly does subversion store files in the repository?

Because Subversion’s repository format is entirely internal, they are free to change the representation from one revision to the next. I believe the current revision generally stores reverse deltas (your option 2), but also stores complete snapshots periodically so it doesn’t have to resolve 1000 diffs before returning a result. The Subversion 1.6 release notes … Read more

Partial Commits with Subversion

Tortoise SVN 1.8 now supports this with it’s “Restore after commit” feature. This allow you to make edits to a file, with all of the edits being undone after the commit Per the documentation: To commit only the parts of the file that relate to one specific issue: in the commit dialog, right-click on file, … Read more