How do you move a file?

Check out section 5.14.2. Moving files and folders (or check out “move” in the Index of the help) of the TortoiseSVN help. You do a move via right-dragging. It also mentions that you need to commit from the parent folder to make it “one” revision. This works for doing the change in a working copy. … Read more

Moving SVN repositories data with history as subfolders into another repository

There are two ways to accomplish the task. Depending on Subversion server distribution and task complexity you may find one of them easier or more convenient than the other. Filtering repository history with svndumpfilter tool The solution is quite tricky because Subversion repository history filtering works based on paths you specify to include or exclude … Read more

Is it possible to link SVN repository files so that a file is actually a reference to another repository’s file?

Yes, for directories anyway See this section on svn externals. The svn:externals property is set on a versioned directory; its value is typically another versioned directory in a repository (possibly the same one) of your organization. They act in the end something like symbolic links. Update: Good call also by basszero but note that the … Read more

SVN Mergeinfo properties on paths other than the working copy root

Subversion 1.5.x adds a lot of svn:mergeinfo properties, even on files/folders which you think have nothing to do with the merge. But Subversion still uses those to reduce the merge time for subsequent merges. If you don’t like those, you can safely remove those modified/added svn:mergeinfo properties from all files/folders which were not part of … Read more