Gradle tasks are not showing in the gradle tool window in Android Studio 4.2

OK, I found why I got this behaviour in android studio 4.2. It is intended behaviour. I found the answer in this post: Gradle task list is large and slow to populate in Android projects. This feature by default is disabled for performance reasons. You can re-enable it in: Settings | Experimental | Do … Read more

Android Studio Emulator: cannot add library vulkan-1.dll: failed

I don’t know whether Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) itself needs vulkan-1.dll or any of my following Visual Studio Code extensions, as I found out that you may find the missing vulkan-1.dll at Visual Studio Code’s following folder path: C:\Users\{your_username}\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\ So, if you have Microsoft Visual Studio Code installed, you may find … Read more