cmake variable scope, add_subdirectory

As mentioned in the documentation of the set command, each directory added with add_subdirectory or each function declared with function creates a new scope. The new child scope inherits all variable definitions from its parent scope. Variable assignments in the new child scope with the set command will only be visible in the child scope … Read more

Closure Scope not captured? — Coffeescript

This loop: for item in data.contents itemBox = $ “<div/>”, class: “itembox” is somewhat deceptive if you’re not used to (Coffee|Java)Script scope. The scoping actually looks more like this: itemBox = undefined for item in data.contents itemBox = $ “<div/>”, class: “itembox” so there is only one itemBox variable and that same variable gets used … Read more

Angularjs, passing scope between routes

You need to use a service since a service will persist throughout your app’s life. Lets say you want to save data pertaining to a user This is how you define the service : app.factory(“user”,function(){ return {}; }); In your first controller: app.controller( “RegistrationPage1Controller”,function($scope,user){ $scope.user = user; // and then set values on the object … Read more