How to implement Unit Of Work pattern with Dapper?

This Git project is very helpful. I started from the same and did some changes as per my need. public sealed class DalSession : IDisposable { public DalSession() { _connection = new OleDbConnection(DalCommon.ConnectionString); _connection.Open(); _unitOfWork = new UnitOfWork(_connection); } IDbConnection _connection = null; UnitOfWork _unitOfWork = null; public UnitOfWork UnitOfWork { get { return _unitOfWork; … Read more

Generic Repository With EF 4.1 what is the point

You are actually right. DbContext is an implementation of the unit of work pattern and IDbSet is an implementation of the repository pattern. Repositories are currently very popular and overused. Everybody use them just because there are dozens of articles about creating repository for entity framework but nobody actually describes challenges related to this decision. … Read more