JMeter and JavaScript

JMeter is not a browser, and does not interpret the JavaScript in downloaded pages. From the JMeter wiki: JMeter does not process Javascript or applets embedded in HTML pages. JMeter can download the relevant resources (some embedded resources are downloaded automatically if the correct options are set), but it does not process the HTML and … Read more

How do threads and number of iterations impact test and what is JMeter’s max. thread limit

The max number of threads is determined by a lot of factors, see this answer There is a big difference in what you are proposing. “500 threads, Loop 1 ” Means 500 threads AT THE SAME TIME doing the loop ONCE. “50 threads, loop 10” Means only 50 threads AT THE SAME TIME doing … Read more

JMeter Basic Authentication

I’ve found through debugging requests coming in from JMeter that the HTTP Authorization Manager module doesn’t encode the username and password correctly. It puts a newline character after the username. To run a JMeter test against a Basic Auth protected endpoint, include the HTTP Header Manager and add the Basic Auth header yourself: Manually Encoding … Read more

Can JMeter mock HTTP request

The easiest option would be going for i.e. WireMock which is extremely powerful and flexible. You can integrate it with JMeter by adding WireMock jar (along with dependencies) to JMeter Classpath and running the WireMockServer from the JSR223 Test Elements using Groovy language. If you’re not too comfortable with Groovy you can run WireMock as … Read more

Response time is high in JMeter

If single request takes around 5 seconds it is quite expected that 100 requests take 500 seconds if you run them sequentially. If you run them in parallel – consider the following troubleshooting tecnhiques Run your test with 1-2 virtual users / iterations with View Results Tree listener enabled to ensure that it is doing … Read more