After Publish event in Visual Studio

UPDATE: seems like in VS 2019 and .NET 5 you can now use Publish target. <Target Name=”Test” AfterTargets=”Publish”> <Exec Command=”blablabla” /> </Target> Here’s my old answer that also works: MS has confirmed, that when publishing to file system they don’t have any target to launch after that. “We currently do not support executing custom targets … Read more

How do I enable Visual Studio 2010 to break when a first chance exception happens?

You may want to check the Debug menu in Visual¬†Studio¬†2010. In there you will find the Exception submenu, in where you can select which type of exception you want Visual Studio to stop. Setting the debugger to break when an exception is thrown The debugger can break execution at the point where an exception is … Read more

Configuring InstallShield LE to remove previous versions built using Visual Studio Setup Projects

This drove me crazy when I first started with a project in Visual 2012. I kept getting duplicate copies in the add/remove programs, and the old version wasn’t updated. Here’s what I found I needed to do. Under The Upgrade Paths, create a new path. Leave the min version blank (unless you need it), include … Read more

How to get VS 2010 to recognize certain CUDA functions

You could create a dummy #include file of the following form: #pragma once #ifdef __INTELLISENSE__ void __syncthreads(); … #endif This should hide the fake prototypes from the CUDA and Visual C++ compilers, but still make them visible to IntelliSense. Source for __INTELLISENSE__ macro: