Why not catch general Exceptions

Swallowing exceptions is a dangerous practice because: It can cause the user to think something succeeded when it actually failed. It can put your application into states that you didn’t plan for. It complicates debugging, since it’s much harder to find out where the failure happened when you’re dealing with bizarre/broken behavior instead of a … Read more

Cause of Servlet’s ‘Response Already Committed’ [duplicate]

The response gets committed because of the following reasons: Because the Response buffer has reached the max buffer size. It could be because of the following reasons: > the bufferSize in JSP page has reached.You can increase the JSP buffer size in page directive. See here, <%@ page buffer=”5kb” autoFlush=”false” %> > the server default … Read more

Could not load file or assembly System.Net.Http.Primitives. Located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference

I ran into the same issue with the Google API’s. The main issue here is if you install the Microsoft Http Client Libraries it puts in your project an updated version of the System.Net.Http.Primitives DLL. The web.config assumes you are still using the default version of 1.5. There are two things that need to happen … Read more