How to disable parameter name hints in PhpStorm?

A bit of general info on parameter names hints can be found in this official introduction blog post: Now back to the actual question: NOTE: It’s all working since 2017.1 version Either right click on such parameter and choose appropriate action from the menu or go via Settings/Preferences directly: Settings/Preferences | Editor | Appearance … Read more

PHPStorm – Run Filewatcher on existing files?

Select such file(s)/folder(s) in Project View panel “Help | Find Action” (Ctrl + Shift + A), activate check box for better results Search for “run file w” (without quotes, obviously) and choose Run File Watchers entry Alternatively: “Settings | Keymap” Find that Run File Watchers action (under “Plugins | File Watchers” branch) Assign some custom … Read more

PHPstorm 10.0.3 Error 502 Bad Gateway (Due to JavaVM?)

You are using PhpStorm’s own built-in web server, which has some issues right now (especially with POST requests, e.g. WEB-17317). The solution is to use your own proper web server (Apache/IIS/nginx/whatever). Define Deployment entry. In place type should be fine, as long as your Apache/IIS can serve files from that location; otherwise either configure web … Read more