Are Fortran control characters (carriage control) still implemented in compilers?

In years past, ignoring this use of the first column could cause bad things on a line printer, like page ejects — but when was the last time that you saw a line printer? Otherwise it was output device, compiler and OS dependent. The advice of “Fortran 95/2003 for Scientists and Engineers” was excellent for … Read more

How do I compile and run a C program in Sublime Text 2?

I recommend you to read build document of Sublime Text 2. Here is the answer. In Sublime, click Tools -> Build System -> New Build System… For Windows user, type the following code and save: { “cmd” : [“gcc”, “$file_name”, “-o”, “${file_base_name}.exe”, “&&”, “${file_base_name}.exe”], “selector” : “source.c”, “shell” : true, “working_dir” : “$file_path” } For … Read more

Suggestions for writing a programming language? [closed]

Estimating how long something like that might take is dependent on many different factors. For example, an experienced programmer can easily knock out a simple arithmetic expression evaluator in a couple of hours, with unit tests. But a novice programmer may have to learn about parsing techniques, recursive descent, abstract representation of expression trees, tree-walking … Read more