How to find out if letter is Alphanumeric or Digit in Swift

For Swift 5 see rustylepord’s answer. Update for Swift 3: let letters = CharacterSet.letters let digits = CharacterSet.decimalDigits var letterCount = 0 var digitCount = 0 for uni in phrase.unicodeScalars { if letters.contains(uni) { letterCount += 1 } else if digits.contains(uni) { digitCount += 1 } } (Previous answer for older Swift versions) A possible … Read more

What is “missing” in the Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions?

The major areas where Visual Studio Express lacks features compared to Visual Studio Professional: No add-ins/macros Some Win32 tools missing No Team Explorer support Limited refactoring support Debugging is much more limited (particularly problematic for server development is no remote debugging) Lack of support for setup projects No report creation tools No Office development support … Read more