is export and binding in Perl 6

An our-scoped variable is really just a lexical variable (like my) that – instead of having a Scalar freshly created per scope – is initialized by being bound to a symbol of that name in the Stash of the current package. So effectively, this: our $foo; Is doing this: my $foo := $?PACKAGE.WHO<$foo>; And so: … Read more

How do I “flatten” a list of lists in perl 6?

[*] See also “a better way to accomplish what I (OP) wanted”. See also “Some possible solutions” answer to “How can I completely flatten a Raku list (of lists (of lists) … )” question. Add a subscript my \perm = <a b c>.combinations(2)».permutations; say perm; # (((a b) (b a)) ((a c) (c a)) ((b … Read more