JAX-WS Loading WSDL from jar

Yes this is most definitely possible as I have done it when creating clients through javax.xml.ws.EndpointReference, a WS-A related class. I have added a classpath reference to the WSDL to the WS-A EndPointReference and the Metro implementation of JAX-WS loaded it just fine. Whether loading the WSDL from the WS-A EndPointReference or from a file … Read more

Difference between Apache CXF and Axis

Keep in mind, I’m completely biased (PMC Chair of CXF), but my thoughts: From a strictly “can the project do what I need it to do” perspective, both are pretty equivalent. There some “edge case” things that CXF can do that Axis 2 cannot and vice versa. But for 90% of the use cases, either … Read more

Generating a WSDL from an XSD file

You cannot – a XSD describes the DATA aspects e.g. of a webservice – the WSDL describes the FUNCTIONS of the web services (method calls). You cannot typically figure out the method calls from your data alone. These are really two separate, distinctive parts of the equation. For simplicity’s sake you would often import your … Read more