The permissions granted to user ‘ are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)”}

It’s because of lack of privilege for the user you are running the report builder, just give that user or a group a privilege to run report builder. Please visit this article Or for shortcut: Start Internet Explorer using “Run as Administrator” Open http://localhost/reports Go to properties tab (SSRS 2008) Security->New Role Assignment Add DOMAIN/USERNAME … Read more

Access Page number in report body In SSRS

Create functions in the code under the report properties: Page Number: Function PageNumber() As String Return Me.Report.Globals!PageNumber End Function Total Pages: Function TotalPages() As String Return Me.Report.Globals!TotalPages End Function Access it in the body via an expression: =code.PageNumber & ” of ” & code.TotalPages Check out Sample Usage of the Concat Function

How to combine aggregates within a group with aggregates across groups within SSRS

I’ll answer my own question. From within any expression, it’s possible to perform lookups in all datasets. Through this way we’ll get the data: LookupSet(SourceFieldToCompare, TargetFieldToCompare, ResultField, DataSet) Now, let’s raise the bar for the question and say the data is grouped in yet another dimension, months – like this: Category | January | February … Read more

SSRS Conditional Formatting Switch or IIF

To dynamically change the color of a text box goto properties, goto font/Color and set the following expression =SWITCH(Fields!CurrentRiskLevel.Value = “Low”, “Green”, Fields!CurrentRiskLevel.Value = “Moderate”, “Blue”, Fields!CurrentRiskLevel.Value = “Medium”, “Yellow”, Fields!CurrentRiskLevel.Value = “High”, “Orange”, Fields!CurrentRiskLevel.Value = “Very High”, “Red” ) Same way for tolerance =SWITCH(Fields!Tolerance.Value = “Low”, “Red”, Fields!Tolerance.Value = “Moderate”, “Orange”, Fields!Tolerance.Value = “Medium”, … Read more

SSRS 2008 R2 – SSRS 2012 – ReportViewer: Reports in Safari/Chrome but works fine in Firefox/Internet Explorer 8… why?

Ultimate solution (works in SSRS 2012 too!) Append the following script to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportManager\js\ReportingServices.js” (on the SSRS Server): function pageLoad() { var element = document.getElementById(“ctl31_ctl10”); if (element) { = “visible”; } } Actually I don’t know if the div’s name is always ctl31_ctl10: in my case it is (instead over SQL … Read more

SSRS 2005 Set SimplePageHeaders on the report instead of the server?

Instead of overriding the existing Excel renderer, what you want to do is supply another renderer that strips out the headers and include this in the list of renderers available to the export menu. You almost have the solution – instead of modifying the current Excel renderer you want to supply another one. There are … Read more