sendMessage from extension background or popup to content script doesn’t work

In your background page you should call chrome.tabs.query({active: true, currentWindow: true}, function(tabs){ chrome.tabs.sendMessage(tabs[0].id, {action: “open_dialog_box”}, function(response) {}); }); instead of using chrome.extension.sendMessage as you currently do. The chrome.tabs variant sends messages to content scripts, whereas the chrome.extension function sends messages to all other extension components.

Fixed attachment background image flicker/disappear in chrome when coupled with a css transform

This has been a very common unsolved mystery. Recently I had the same problem, and ‘-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden’, proved to be less than useless (on my ‘fixed’ attached background), since the background just disappeared when it was set. (Additional Info: the reason is that when the background is set as fixed, it is almost similar to … Read more