How to convert OpenAPI 2.0 to OpenAPI 3.0? [closed]

Swagger Editor Paste your OpenAPI 2.0 definition into and select Edit > Convert to OpenAPI 3 from the menu. Swagger Converter Converts OpenAPI 2.0 and Swagger 1.x definitions to OpenAPI 3.0. This gives you JSON. If you want YAML, send the request with the Accept: application/yaml header: curl “” -H “Accept: application/yaml” -o … Read more

Swagger 2.0: Multiple Path objects with different paths but same request and response

Yes, you can have a path item that references another path item: paths: /ab: post: summary: … … responses: … /a-b: $ref: ‘#/paths/~1ab’ # <———— Here, ~1ab is an encoded version of /ab (see below). One limitation of this approach is that you cannot have operationId in all operations of the referenced path item. This … Read more

How to define mutually exclusive query parameters in Swagger (OpenAPI)?

Mutually exclusive parameters are possible (sort of) in OpenAPI 3.x: Define the mutually exclusive parameters as object properties, and use oneOf or maxProperties to limit the object to just 1 property. Use the parameter serialization method style: form and explode: true, so that the object is serialized as ?propName=value. An example using the minProperties and … Read more

Swagger schema properties ignored when using $ref – why?

TL;DR: $ref siblings are supported (to an extent) in OpenAPI 3.1. In previous OpenAPI versions, any keywords alongside $ref are ignored. OpenAPI 3.1 Your definition will work as expected when migrated to OpenAPI 3.1. This new version is fully compatible with JSON Schema 2020-12, which allows $ref siblings in schemas. openapi: 3.1.0 … components: schemas: … Read more

How can I represent ‘Authorization: Bearer ‘ in a Swagger Spec (swagger.json)

Maybe this can help: swagger: ‘2.0’ info: version: 1.0.0 title: Based on “Basic Auth Example” description: > An example for how to use Auth with Swagger. host: schemes: – http – https securityDefinitions: Bearer: type: apiKey name: Authorization in: header paths: /: get: security: – Bearer: [] responses: ‘200’: description: ‘Will send `Authenticated`’ ‘403’: … Read more