Proper ‘cleartool mkview’ for ClearCase Snapshot view creation

This is usually due to the albd not running. Actually, it is running, but ClearCase tries to contact the wrong host. Here: Host-local path: Eh40yd4c:D:\Views\battjo6r_view2.vws is highly suspicious. Try: mkview -snapshot -tag battjo6r_view2 -vws \\Eh40yd4c\Views\battjo6r_view2.vws -host Eh40yd4c -hpath \\Eh40yd4c\Views\battjo6r_view2.vws -gpath \\Eh40yd4c\Views\battjo6r_view2.vws battjo6r_view2 That is: hpath = gpath. or, if the first command fails, also (it … Read more