Extracting information from a scanned GS1-type barcode

There are two processes involved in obtaining the information represented by a GS1-type barcode that stores data in GS1 Application Identifier Standard Format. Extraction of the data fields (referred to as Application Identifiers) contained within the GS1-structured data obtained by scanning the symbol. This always includes a unique identifier for the item called a GTIN-14 … Read more

Barcode on swift 4

I figured it out but Apple didn’t make it so obvious. The callback function from the delegate AVCaptureMetadataOutputObjectsDelegate has been renamed and the parameter names are different! So, replace func captureOutput(_ captureOutput: AVCaptureOutput!, didOutputMetadataObjects metadataObjects: [Any]!, from connection: AVCaptureConnection!) to func metadataOutput(_ output: AVCaptureMetadataOutput, didOutput metadataObjects: [AVMetadataObject], from connection: AVCaptureConnection) My view controller is now … Read more