How to recognize vehicle license / number plate (ANPR) from an image? [closed]

EDIT: I wrote a Python script for this. As your objective is blurring (for privacy protection), you basically need a high recall detector as a first step. Here’s how to go about doing this. The included code hints use OpenCV with Python. Convert to Grayscale. Apply Gaussian Blur. img = cv2.imread(‘input.jpg’,1) img_gray = cv2.cvtColor(img, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) … Read more

Mapping image into cylinder or sphere shape?

The technique is called texture mapping. This is a code example from surface function (R2011b): load clown surface(peaks,flipud(X),… ‘FaceColor’,’texturemap’,… ‘EdgeColor’,’none’,… ‘CDataMapping’,’direct’) colormap(map) view(-35,45) This example loads RGB image from “peppers.png” and maps it onto cylinder: imgRGB = imread(‘peppers.png’); [imgInd,map] = rgb2ind(imgRGB,256); [imgIndRows,imgIndCols] = size(imgInd); [X,Y,Z] = cylinder(imgIndRows,imgIndCols); surface(X,Y,Z,flipud(imgInd),… ‘FaceColor’,’texturemap’,… ‘EdgeColor’,’none’,… ‘CDataMapping’,’direct’) colormap(map) view(-35,45) Things are … Read more

How to make a Gaussian filter in Matlab

here’s an alternative: Create the 2D-Gaussian: function f=gaussian2d(N,sigma) % N is grid size, sigma speaks for itself [x y]=meshgrid(round(-N/2):round(N/2), round(-N/2):round(N/2)); f=exp(-x.^2/(2*sigma^2)-y.^2/(2*sigma^2)); f=f./sum(f(:)); Filtered image, given your image is called Im: filtered_signal=conv2(Im,gaussian2d(N,sig),’same’); Here’s some plots: imagesc(gaussian2d(7,2.5)) Im=rand(100);subplot(1,2,1);imagesc(Im) subplot(1,2,2);imagesc(conv2(Im,gaussian2d(7,2.5),’same’));

Convert base64 byte array to an image

What you get is just the toString output of an array. You need however the byte array converted to a String. You should create a method in bean public String getByteArrayString() { return new String(this.imageByteArray); } and reference this in your JSP. While technically you should define which encoding to use for an array of … Read more

Store images/videos into Hadoop HDFS

It is absolutely possible without doing anything extra. Hadoop provides us the facility to read/write binary files. So, practically anything which can be converted into bytes can be stored into HDFS(images, videos etc). To do that Hadoop provides something called as SequenceFiles. SequenceFile is a flat file consisting of binary key/value pairs. The SequenceFile provides … Read more