BASE64 to image angular 2

I feel like this thread lacks concrete examples which made me have some difficulties: Import DomSanitizer: import { DomSanitizer } from ‘@angular/platform-browser’; define in constructor: constructor(private _sanitizer: DomSanitizer) { } Sanitize the Base64 string you want to pass as your image source (use trustResourceUrl): this.imagePath = this._sanitizer.bypassSecurityTrustResourceUrl(‘data:image/jpg;base64,’ + toReturnImage.base64string); Bind to html: <img [src]=”imagePath”>

Multiple images display (slideshow) on wpInstalling Page under ProgressGauge bar in Inno Setup

Since the ProgressGauge has no progress change events and there is no way to process setup application messages you will need to use the Windows API timer. This timer needs a callback function which you can’t define in Inno Setup script unfortunately so you will need some external library to do this job for you. … Read more

Extracting image from PDF with /CCITTFaxDecode filter

Actually, vbcrlfuser’s answer did help me, but the code was not quite correct for the current version of BitMiracle.LibTiff.NET, as I could download it. In the current version, equivalent code looks like this: using iTextSharp.text.pdf; using BitMiracle.LibTiff.Classic; … Tiff tiff = Tiff.Open(“C:\\test.tif”, “w”); tiff.SetField(TiffTag.IMAGEWIDTH, UInt32.Parse(pd.Get(PdfName.WIDTH).ToString())); tiff.SetField(TiffTag.IMAGELENGTH, UInt32.Parse(pd.Get(PdfName.HEIGHT).ToString())); tiff.SetField(TiffTag.COMPRESSION, Compression.CCITTFAX4); tiff.SetField(TiffTag.BITSPERSAMPLE, UInt32.Parse(pd.Get(PdfName.BITSPERCOMPONENT).ToString())); tiff.SetField(TiffTag.SAMPLESPERPIXEL, 1); tiff.WriteRawStrip(0, raw, … Read more