phpmailer and gmail SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Network is unreachable (101) SMTP connect() failed

You might want to start by isolating this problem to determine whether it’s truly a network problem; or whether it’s specific to PHP mailer or your code. On your server, from a command prompt, try using telnet to connect to on port 587, like so: telnet 587 You should see a response from … Read more

(WAMP/XAMP) send Mail using SMTP localhost [closed]

Method 1 (Preferred) – Using hMailServer After installation, you need the following configuration to properly send mail from wampserver: 1) When you first open hMailServer Administrator, you need to add a new domain. 2) Click on the “Add Domain …” button at the Welcome page. 3) Under the domain text field, enter your computer’s IP, … Read more

Getting error while sending email through Gmail SMTP – “Please log in via your web browser and then try again. 534-5.7.14” [closed]

I know this is an older issue, but I recently had the same problem and was having issues resolving it, despite attempting the DisplayUnlockCaptcha fix. This is how I got it alive. Head over to Account Security Settings ( and enable “Access for less secure apps”, this allows you to use the google smtp for … Read more