Elasticsearch error: cluster_block_exception [FORBIDDEN/12/index read-only / allow delete (api)], flood stage disk watermark exceeded

This happens when Elasticsearch thinks the disk is running low on space so it puts itself into read-only mode. By default Elasticsearch’s decision is based on the percentage of disk space that’s free, so on big disks this can happen even if you have many gigabytes of free space. The flood stage watermark is 95% … Read more

Remove a field from a Elasticsearch document

What @backtrack told is true , but then there is a very convenient way of doing this in Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch will abstract out the internal complexity of the deletion. You need to use update API to achieve this – curl -XPOST ‘localhost:9200/test/type1/1/_update’ -d ‘{ “script” : “ctx._source.remove(\”name_of_field\”)” }’ You can find more documentation here. Note: … Read more

How to use the official docker elasticsearch container?

I recommend using docker-compose (which makes lot of things much easier) with following configuration. Configuration (for development) Configuration starts 3 services: elastic itself and extra utilities for development like kibana and head plugin (these could be omitted, if you don’t need them). In the same directory you will need three files: docker-compose.yml elasticsearch.yml kibana.yml With … Read more