How to delete rows with local data in jqgrid

You can use delRowData method do delete any local row. You can do use delGridRow from the form editing if you need it. I described the way here and used for formatter:’actions’ (see here, here and originally here). var grid = $(“#list”), myDelOptions = { // because I use “local” data I don’t want to … Read more

Setting data attribute on each row of a jqgrid table

You can use rowattr to assign any additional attribute to <tr> elements (see the answer and this one for code examples). For example you can use rowattr: function (rd) { return {“data-mydata”: JSON.stringify(rd)}; } to save full input row data as data-mydata attribute. I recommend you to use rowattr“in combination withgridview: true` option to have … Read more

jqGrid trigger “Loading…” overlay

If you are searching for something like DisplayLoadingMessage() function. It does not exist in jqGrid. You can only set the loadui option of jqGrid to enable (default), disable or block. I personally prefer block. (see But I think it is not what you wanted. The only thing which you can do, if you like … Read more

jqGrid DatePicker filtering without hitting Enter key

You can try with dataInit: function (elem) { $(elem).datepicker({ changeYear: true, changeMonth: true, showButtonPanel: true, onSelect: function() { if (, 3) === “gs_”) { // in case of searching toolbar setTimeout(function(){ myGrid[0].triggerToolbar(); }, 50); } else { // refresh the filter in case of // searching dialog $(this).trigger(“change”); } } }); } UPDATED: Starting with … Read more

jqgrid change cell value and stay in edit mode

If you need to implement the behavior of dependency cells which are all in the editing mode you have to modify the cell contain manually with respect of jQuery.html function for example. If the name of the column which you want to modify has the name “description”, and you use ‘blur’ event on another “code” … Read more