Hide expand/collapse symbol or deactivate spec. rows in jqGrid subgrid

Hiding the ‘subgrid’ column with jQuery(“#grid_id”).hideCol(‘subgrid’); remove full column which can be used to expand or collapse the subgrid, so you can not use the way in your case. I suggest you to clear contain of the ‘subgrid’ column and unbind the ‘click’ event for the cells inside of loadComplete event handle: loadComplete: function() { … Read more

jqGrid Not Loading Data

The answer of Paul is absolutely correct. You should just use jsonReader : {repeatitems: false}. I decide to write some more additional information only to clear why jqGrid could not read your original data at the beginning. I want additionally describe how jsonReader parameter can help to read JSON or XML data returned from the … Read more

JQgrid checkbox onclick update database

You can set a click event handler inside of loadComplete: loadComplete: function () { var iCol = getColumnIndexByName ($(this), ‘Aktiv’), rows = this.rows, i, c = rows.length; for (i = 1; i < c; i += 1) { $(rows[i].cells[iCol]).click(function (e) { var id = $(e.target).closest(‘tr’)[0].id, isChecked = $(e.target).is(‘:checked’); alert(‘clicked on the checkbox in the row … Read more

Jqgrid Tree View Adjacencey

You code small simple errors, but the main problem which you have is that your code are made to add simple rows and not tree nodes. You can go on the official demo page and choose under “New in version 3.4” the demo “Tree Grid Adjacency model”. I wrote the demo which work exactly like … Read more

How to get a jqGrid cell value when editing

General function to get value of cell with given row id and cell id Create in your js code function: function getCellValue(rowId, cellId) { var cell = jQuery(‘#’ + rowId + ‘_’ + cellId); var val = cell.val(); return val; } Example of use: var clientId = getCellValue(15, ‘clientId’); Dodgy, but works.

postData not passing any parameters!

You current implementation of serializeGridData just remove all functions parameters from the postData. So you should either extend data parameter inside of serializeGridData instead of the usage of postData. Another way is to modify serializeGridData to the following: serializeGridData: function (data){ var propertyName, propertyValue, dataToSend = {}; for (propertyName in data) { if (data.hasOwnProperty(propertyName)) { … Read more