WebGL: How to correctly blend alpha channel png

This has been answered elsewhere on SO but … WebGL Canvases default to requiring premultiplied alpha. WebGL canvases are composited on the webpage (blended on to the page). So … Do you or do you not want your WebGL image blended with the webpage? If no, you don’t want to blend with the webpage then … Read more

Drawing many shapes in WebGL

In pseudo code At init time Get a context (gl) from the canvas element. for each shader create shader look up attribute and uniform locations for each shape initialize buffers with the shape for each texture create textures and/or fill them with data. At draw time for each shape if the last shader used is … Read more

Learning WebGL and three.js [closed]

Since you have big ambitions, you have to invest the time to learn the fundamentals. It is not a matter of what you learn first — you can learn them simultaneously if you want to. (That’s what I did.) This means that you need to understand: WebGL concepts Three.js The underlying mathematical concepts Three.js. Three.js … Read more