Polygon Triangulation with Holes

To give you some more choices of libraries out there: Polyboolean. I never tried this one, but it looks promising: http://www.complex-a5.ru/polyboolean/index.html General Polygon Clipper. This one works very well in practice and does triangulation as well as clipping and holes holes: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~toby/alan/software/ My personal recommendation: Use the tesselation from the GLU (OpenGL Utility Library). The … Read more

In MATLAB, how do I plot to an image and save the result without displaying it?

When you create the figure you set the Visibile property to Off. f = figure(‘visible’,’off’) Which in your case would be im = imread(‘image.tif’); f = figure(‘visible’,’off’), imshow(im, ‘Border’, ‘tight’); rectangle(‘Position’, [100, 100, 10, 10]); print(f, ‘-r80’, ‘-dtiff’, ‘image2.tif’); And if you want to view it again you can do set(f,’visible’,’on’)