Browse Web Site With IP Address Rather than localhost

Go to your IISExpress>Config folder, locate applicationhost.config. Change <bindings> as below: <bindings> <binding protocol=”http” bindingInformation=”*:1407:YOUR_IP_ADDRESS” /> </bindings> Before you do this , you will have to register this IP address using netsh command as below: Port forwarding in Windows 7 If you’re running Windows 7, pretty much all incoming connections are locked down, so you … Read more

How to change Visual Studio 2012,2013 or 2015 License Key?

I had the same problem and wanted to change the product key to another. Unfortunate it’s not as easy as it was on VS2010. The following steps work: Remove the registry key containing the license information: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Licenses\77550D6B-6352-4E77-9DA3-537419DF564B If you can’t find the key, use sysinternals ProcessMonitor to check the registry access of VS2012 to locate … Read more

How can I change the default credentials used to connect to Visual Studio Online (TFSPreview) when loading Visual Studio up?

I had a very similiar problem as I was not able to connect to TFS with my own credentials. Turned out that the user who had created the image (I was using Hyper-V) stored his account in Credential Manager. There was no way to change this in Visual Studio. To solve the issue, I opened … Read more