URL Rewrite keeps original host Location when reverse proxy 301 redirects

Could Application Request Routing be involved? Look at IIS -> Machine or Site -> Application Request Routing Cache -> Server Proxy Settings and uncheck the “Reverse rewrite host in response headers” checkbox. If you do this at the machine level, it’ll take effect for all sites. If you do it on a particular site, it’ll … Read more

How to write a url rewrite in nginx?

The code above will not work because of a missing $ and poor use of the return command. The code below works with Nginx, including version 0.8.54. Format below is : DesiredURL Actual URL Nginx_Rule They must be inside location / {} http://example.com/notes/343 http://example.com/notes.php?id=343 rewrite ^/notes/(.*)$ /notes.php?id=$1 last; http://example.com/users/BlackBenzKid http://example.com/user.php?username=BlackBenzKid rewrite ^/users/(.*)$ /user.php?username=$1 last; http://example.com/top … Read more