knockoutjs databind with jquery-ui datepicker

You could write a custom binding that sets the date in the field using the datepicker APIs and also sets the value of your observable by reading the date properly. The custom binding might look like: ko.bindingHandlers.datepicker = { init: function(element, valueAccessor, allBindingsAccessor) { var options = allBindingsAccessor().datepickerOptions || {}, $el = $(element); //initialize datepicker … Read more

How to resize the jQuery DatePicker control

You don’t have to change it in the jquery-ui css file (it can be confusing if you change the default files), it is enough if you add div.ui-datepicker{ font-size:10px; } in a stylesheet loaded after the ui-files div.ui-datepicker is needed in case ui-widget is mentioned after ui-datepicker in the declaration