How to use Joomla recaptcha plugin with my custom module?

In order to use joomla default recaptcha plugin follow these steps- 1)Get recaptcha keys from 2)Set these keys to recaptcha plugin and activate it if it’s not. 3)Put below code where you want to show recaptcha //php code JPluginHelper::importPlugin(‘captcha’); $dispatcher = JDispatcher::getInstance(); $dispatcher->trigger(‘onInit’,’dynamic_recaptcha_1′); //html code inside form tag <div id=”dynamic_recaptcha_1″></div> 4)Put this code where … Read more

Joomla! 2.5.4 Hacked: Having trouble with diagnosis

Firstly, reset the passwords of all the administrators, including yours, then change them and ensure they include letters and numbers. Then change the password for the host control panel using the password generator if they provide one. If not, use a password generator online. Once this is done change the password for your database username … Read more