HTML Tags Within Internationalized Strings In Polymer.dart

Update A ready-to-use element for Dart Polymer 1.0 is bwu-bind-html Update Polymer now provides support for this out of the box this.injectBoundHTML(‘<div>your HTML goes here ${someBoundFieldValue}</div>); Old This is the code of the <safe-html> tag I’m using. library safe_html; import ‘dart:async’; import “dart:html”; import “package:polymer/polymer.dart”; @CustomTag(“safe-html”) class SafeHtml extends PolymerElement { @published String model; NodeValidator … Read more

JavaFX 2 and Internationalization

The basic steps (among others) of a java app internationalizing, are Localelizing and resource bundling. In JavaFX, you can use FXMLLoader#setResources() for that purposes. Here a SSCCE demo to demonstrate it. The codes are self-descriptive. Demo package structure: bundledemo |—— |—— |—— MyView.fxml bundles |—— |—— key1=Name Surname key2=How are … Read more