Comparison between Centralized and Distributed Version Control Systems [closed]

From my answer to a different question: Distributed version control systems (DVCSs) solve different problems than Centralized VCSs. Comparing them is like comparing hammers and screwdrivers. Centralized VCS systems are designed with the intent that there is One True Source that is Blessed, and therefore Good. All developers work (checkout) from that source, and then … Read more

Is there a way to keep Hudson / Jenkins configuration files in source control?

Most helpful Answer There is a plugin called SCM Sync configuration plugin. Original Answer Have a look at my answer to a similar question. The basic idea is to use the filesystem-scm-plugin to detect changes to the xml-files. Your second part would be committing the changes to SVN. EDIT: If you find a way to … Read more

Source Control – Distributed Systems vs. Non Distributed – What’s the difference?

The difference is in the publication process: a CVCS (Centralized) means: to see the work of your colleague, you must wait for them to publish (commit) to the central repository. Then you can update your workspace. You are an active producer: if you don’t publish anything, nobody sees anything. You are a passive consumer: you … Read more