Is functional GUI programming possible? [closed]

The Haskell approach seems to be to just wrap imperative GUI toolkits (such as GTK+ or wxWidgets) and to use “do” blocks to simulate an imperative style That’s not really the “Haskell approach” — that’s just how you bind to imperative GUI toolkits most directly — via an imperative interface. Haskell just happens to have … Read more

Blackberry – fields layout animation

This effect may be easily achived with custom layout: class AnimatedManager extends Manager { int ANIMATION_NONE = 0; int ANIMATION_CROSS_FLY = 1; boolean mAnimationStart = false; Bitmap mBmpBNormal = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“blue_normal.png”); Bitmap mBmpBFocused = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“blue_focused.png”); Bitmap mBmpRNormal = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“red_normal.png”); Bitmap mBmpRFocused = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“red_focused.png”); Bitmap mBmpYNormal = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“yellow_normal.png”); Bitmap mBmpYFocused = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“yellow_focused.png”); Bitmap mBmpGNormal = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“green_normal.png”); Bitmap … Read more

Blackberry – Loading/Wait screen with animation

Fermin, Anthony +1. Thanks to all, you gave me the part of answer. My final solution: 1.Create or generate (free Ajax loading gif generator) animation and add it to project. 2.Create ResponseCallback interface (see Coderholic – Blackberry WebBitmapField) to receive thread execution result: public interface ResponseCallback { public void callback(String data); } 3.Create a class … Read more

Wix, custom dialog when previous version exists

Next / Back Button Override: I am no GUI expert, in fact it is a neglected area (GUI is always suppressed for corporate deployment), but I believe something like this can work – redefining the Next and Back buttons – 3 dialogs involved: <!– 1. OldVersionDlg showing –> <Publish Dialog=”LicenseAgreementDlg” Control=”Next” Event=”NewDialog” Value=”OldVersionDlg”>LicenseAccepted = “1” … Read more

How can I upload a PDF file using Karate UI Automation? [duplicate]

EDIT: first read this answer: – because the Chrome native integration supports driver.inputFile() which is available in 0.9.6.RC4 File upload is a well-known hard problem to solve in browser automation. We will need some contributions from the community, but here is a demo I just experimented with using Karate Robot: Feature: Scenario: * … Read more

How to customize a ListField in BlackBerry?

Try something like this: class TaskListField extends ListField implements ListFieldCallback { private Vector rows; private Bitmap p1; private Bitmap p2; private Bitmap p3; public TaskListField() { super(0, ListField.MULTI_SELECT); setRowHeight(80); setEmptyString(“Hooray, no tasks here!”, DrawStyle.HCENTER); setCallback(this); p1 = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“1.png”); p2 = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“2.png”); p3 = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(“3.png”); rows = new Vector(); for (int x = 0; x < … Read more