What is the difference between Serialization and Marshaling?

Marshaling and serialization are loosely synonymous in the context of remote procedure call, but semantically different as a matter of intent. In particular, marshaling is about getting parameters from here to there, while serialization is about copying structured data to or from a primitive form such as a byte stream. In this sense, serialization is … Read more

JSON.NET as a WebAPI 2 OData serializer vs ODataMediaTypeFormatter

I’ve already figured out my problem and found the solution. OData uses separate media type formatters, inherited from ODataMediaTypeFormatter. Also OData uses different formatters for serialization and deserialization. For replacing this behavior we have to implement descendants of ODataDeserializerProvider and/or ODataSerializerProvider classes and add those classes to the HttpConfiguration.Formatters collections by var odataFormatters = ODataMediaTypeFormatters … Read more