intellij idea run configurations backup

The location would depend on 2 factors, whether the configuration is local to the user or shared with the other developers and if you are using the file based (legacy) or the directory based project format. File based project, local configuration: .iws file Directory based project, local configuration: workspace.xml file under .idea directory File based … Read more

How to debug angular app using angular-cli webpack?

How to debug with angular/cli The new angular/cli version uses webpack which does not compile the ts files to an local directory like dist before (till beta 1.0.0-beta.10). Now it uses some memory like approach. But you can find the ts Files in the Chrome Developer Tools in the “Sources” tab. (new) Solution for angular/[email protected]Read more

How to stop IntelliJ truncating output when I run a build?

By a popular request Override console cycle buffer size setting was added to the UI 9/14/16: Original answer for older versions: Edit your IDEA_HOME\bin\ file, and increase this setting: #———————————————————————– # This option controls console cyclic buffer: keeps the console output size not higher than the specified buffer size (Kb). Older lines are deleted. # … Read more

Intellij – Unable to use newer Java 8 classes – Error : “Usage of API documented as @since 1.6+..”

Edited the answer based on Bastien Jansen comment. Seems that there is another project setting that affects the compiler level. A subtle indication of this problem is when your compiler starts complaining of the source and target java version being different from the one you specified while you are compiling the code Warning:java: source value … Read more

IntelliJ IDEA code format from checkstyle configuration

finally there is something: checkstyle-IDEA since 4.24.0 features import of checkstyle config. A solution is available now: Please install CheckStyle-IDEA plugin (, it can be found via plug-in repository (Settings|Plugins|Browse repositories). Go to Settings|Editor|Code Style, choose a code style you want to import CheckStyle configuration to. Click Manage…|Import.., choose “CheckStyle Configuration” and select a corresponding … Read more