Insertion of values in database

You can’t simply place the IDs of your inputs as the WL.client.invokeProcedure‘s parameters… You need to pass their value. For example: function loadFeeds1(){ var invocationData = { adapter:”car2″, procedure:”getuser”, parameters:[$(‘#carnum’).val(),$(‘#details’).val()] }; WL.Server.invokeProcedure(invocationData,{ onSuccess :loadFeedsSuccess1, onFailure :loadFeedsFailure1, }); } This is an end-to-end scenario, where I take 2 values from the HTML and insert them into … Read more

IBM Worklight – Where to find previous releases

See available downloads below. Note that these links do not guarantee each download to be the latest patched version of each release. Latest patches are available only from the IBM Fix Central website. IBM MobileFirst Foundation 8.0.0 (available from the Eclipse Marketplace). Note that v8.0 is very different from previous releases. Learn more. IBM MobileFirst … Read more