How to increase font size in NeatBeans IDE?

you might also want to change your font size for other parts of the IDE (other than the code). Just add the parameter –fontsize <size> (default size is 11) to the startup command. You can put it into the command line when launching IDE. You can also put it into the netbeans.conf file, which is … Read more

JavaScript Debugger [closed]

Here is an article, Advanced JavaScript Debugging Techniques, that describes the use of several tools. One new tool I learned about that I hadn’t heard of before is JSLint. Sometimes JSLint just immediately shows you your dodgy code that is causing the issue.

Best IDE / TextEditor for R [duplicate]

I’ve been using Eclipse/StatET. However, there’s a new FLOSS IDE that was released today that looks interesting called RStudio. It even supports Sweave, so once it becomes more polished I may switch. User input seemed a little sluggish when I played with it earlier today however. Update They have been actively updating RStudio every month … Read more

Difference between WebStorm and PHPStorm

I couldn’t find any major points on JetBrains’ website and even Google didn’t help that much. You should train your search-fu twice as harder. FROM: NOTE: PhpStorm includes all the functionality of WebStorm (HTML/CSS Editor, JavaScript Editor) and adds full-fledged support for PHP and Databases/SQL. Their forum also has quite few answers for such … Read more

Xcode 4 – build output directory

From the Xcode menu on top, click preferences, select the locations tab, look at the build location option. You have 2 options: Place build products in derived data location (recommended) Place build products in locations specified by targets Update: On xcode 4.6.2 you need to click the advanced button on the right side below the … Read more