Calculate Bounding box coordinates from a rotated rectangle

Transform the coordinates of all four corners Find the smallest of all four x’s as min_x Find the largest of all four x’s and call it max_x Ditto with the y’s Your bounding box is (min_x,min_y), (min_x,max_y), (max_x,max_y), (max_x,min_y) AFAIK, there isn’t any royal road that will get you there much faster. If you are … Read more

as3 – COMPILER ERROR 1120: Access of undefined property * 7

When you see the error: 1120: Access of undefined property ‘VariableName’. This means you have not defined or declared the variable (or function when accessing it as a property of an object/class). Here is an overview: 1120: Access of undefined property projectsNum. projectsNum = projectTitle.length(); // You have declared [var projectNum:Number;] Error source = s … Read more