What is IPV6 for localhost and

As we all know that IPv4 address for localhost is (loopback address). Actually, any IPv4 address in is a loopback address. In IPv6, the direct analog of the loopback range is ::1/128. So ::1 (long form 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1) is the one and only IPv6 loopback address. While the hostname localhost will normally resolve to … Read more

Using reCAPTCHA on localhost

Update The original answer is no longer correct. The developer’s guide now states: “If you would like to use “localhost” for development, you must add it to the list of domains.” This will only work if you access localhost using… rather than localhost/…. The original answer is preserved below. According to the reCAPTCHA Developer’s … Read more

Addressing localhost from a VirtualBox virtual machine [closed]

Googling turned this up: http://data.agaric.com/localhost-from-virtualbox-xp-install-ubuntu It suggests using IP:, and it worked for me. So, I edited the hosts file, C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts, and added this entry: outer If you’re testing on IE8, remember to put http:// in the address bar. Just putting the ip directly will not work. For example: