Magento How to debug blank white screen

This is how I got it corrected(Hope will help you guys): Use the following code in your index.php file ini_set(‘error_reporting’, E_ERROR); register_shutdown_function(“fatal_handler”); function fatal_handler() { $error = error_get_last(); echo(“<pre>”); print_r($error); } In my case it tolde me that error/503.php was unavailable. 3.The issue was with testimonial extension I used( I deleted the testimonial.xml file in … Read more

Understanding Magento Block and Block Type

For understanding more about magento block types following are some built-in block types which are widely used in layout. core/template: This block renders a template defined by its template attribute. The majority of blocks defined in the layout are of type or subtype of core/template. page/html: This is a subtype of core/template and defines the root block. All other blocks … Read more

How to upgrade magento 1.4 1.1 to [closed]

Database structure has major changes from to 1.4.2 so you need to upgrade first to 1.4.2 then you can upgrade to directly. I like the command line so I usually upgrade the system by command line, this is my procedure: Substitute file downloader/pearlib/php/Archive/Tar.php with the patched version (it has a bug): Prepare … Read more

Change Magento default status for duplicated products

Try this: Create: app/code/local/MagePal/EnableDuplicateProductStatus/etc/config.xml <?xml version=”1.0″?> <config> <modules> <MagePal_EnableDuplicateProductStatus> <version>1.0.1</version> </MagePal_EnableDuplicateProductStatus> </modules> <global> <models> <enableduplicateproductstatus> <class>MagePal_EnableDuplicateProductStatus_Model</class> </enableduplicateproductstatus> </models> <events> <catalog_model_product_duplicate> <observers> <enableduplicateproductstatus> <type>singleton</type> <class>enableduplicateproductstatus/observer</class> <method>productDuplicate</method> </enableduplicateproductstatus> </observers> </catalog_model_product_duplicate> </events> </global> </config> Create: app/code/local/MagePal/EnableDuplicateProductStatus/Model/Observer.php class MagePal_EnableDuplicateProductStatus_Model_Observer { /** * Prepare product for duplicate action. * * @param Varien_Event_Observer $observer * @return object */ public function productDuplicate(Varien_Event_Observer … Read more

Magento tax rounding issue

In the end I found the solution. I changed System > VAT > Tax Calculation Method Based On from Unit price to Row Total and it works, more details here The issue which I found is in core/store model. I had to rewrite roundPrice method and change rounding precision there. public function roundPrice($price) { return … Read more

Magento products will not show in category

The checklist for whether items are in stock follows. Some will seem stupid until the first time you spend an hour trying to figure this problem out: The products must be Visible in Catalog. The products must be Enabled. Product must have a stock Quantity. The product must be set to In Stock. If the … Read more