When should I quote CMake variable references?

Two principles of CMake you have to keep in mind: CMake is a script language and arguments are evaluated after the variables are expanded CMake differentiates between normal strings and list variables (strings with semicolon delimiters) Examples set(_my_text “A B C”) with message(“${_my_text}”) would give A B C set(_my_list A B C) with message(“${_my_list}”) would … Read more

Finding out reason of Pyomo model infeasibility

Many solvers (including IPOPT) will hand you back the value of the variables at solver termination, even if the problem was found infeasible. At that point, you do have some options. There is contributed code in pyomo.util.infeasible that might help you out. https://github.com/Pyomo/pyomo/blob/master/pyomo/util/infeasible.py Usage: from pyomo.util.infeasible import log_infeasible_constraints … SolverFactory(‘your_solver’).solve(model) … log_infeasible_constraints(model)

Declaring global variable with php.ini

It’s not possible to set user-level variables within a plain php.ini file (or the .htaccess equivilents). There are some PECL modules that do allow that, such as hidef (http://pecl.php.net/package/hidef) – though these would need to be installed on every installation you use. Including (or pre-including) a file with auto_prepend_file is quite possible – though that … Read more