Watch a variable (memory address) change in Linux kernel, and print stack trace when it changes?

Many thanks for the replies by @CosminRatiu and Eugene; thanks to those, I found: debugging – Linux kernel hardware break points – Stack Overflow Hardware Breakpoint (or watchpoint) – The Linux Kernel Archives … with which I could develop the example I’m posting here, the testhrarr.c kernel module/driver and the Makefile (below). It demonstrates that … Read more

How to use debug libraries on ubuntu

TL;DR: Install libwebkitgtk-3.0-0-dbg , then you have the necessary debug symbols. ##For debug symbols, you don’t usually have to install from source. As you know, to get debug symbols for software you’re building yourself, you can run GCC with -g. For software installed through your operating system’s package manager (which includes libwebkitgtk-3.0-0, here), at least … Read more

How to debug Ansible issues?

Debugging modules The most basic way is to run ansible/ansible-playbook with an increased verbosity level by adding -vvv to the execution line. The most thorough way for the modules written in Python (Linux/Unix) is to run ansible/ansible-playbook with an environment variable ANSIBLE_KEEP_REMOTE_FILES set to 1 (on the control machine). It causes Ansible to leave the … Read more