Chaining animations in SwiftUI

As mentioned in the other responses, there is currently no mechanism for chaining animations in SwiftUI, but you don’t necessarily need to use a manual timer. Instead, you can use the delay function on the chained animation: withAnimation(Animation.easeIn(duration: 1.23)) { self.doSomethingFirst() } withAnimation(Animation.easeOut(duration: 4.56).delay(1.23)) { self.thenDoSomethingElse() } withAnimation(Animation.default.delay(1.23 + 4.56)) { self.andThenDoAThirdThing() } I’ve found … Read more

CSS3 Chain Animations

There are several ways to chain the animations – there’s the pure CSS way, using -webkit-animation-delay, where you define multiple animations and tell the browser when to start them, e.g. -webkit-animation: First 1s, Second 2s; -webkit-animation-delay: 0s, 1s; /* or -moz etc.. instead of -webkit */ Another way is to bind to the animation end … Read more

How To Sync CSS Animations Across Multiple Elements?

I don’t think its possible natively, but you can actually hack similar functionality by using a bouncing wrapper and some position altering html: <div id=”bouncywrap”> <div id=”bouncy01″>Drip</div> <div id=”bouncy02″>droP</div> <div> CSS: @-webkit-keyframes bounce { 0% { padding-top:1px;} /* using padding as it does not affect position:relative of sublinks * using 0 instead of 0 b/c … Read more

Javafx : How can I produce an animation with 3D path?

As shown in Animation Basics, Animations, you can compose multiple kinds of Transition, including PathTransition, in a SequentialTransition or ParallelTransition. The approach is especially convenient when the equation of motion can be expressed in parametric form. Motion along a helix, shown below, uses a ParallelTransition to combine a PathTransition along a Circle with a Timeline … Read more

matplotlib save animation in gif error

This is because matplotlib does not support GIFs without external programs. If you have imagemagick correctly installed and configured, this should work: import matplotlib matplotlib.use(‘Agg’) import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib.animation import numpy as np def init_animation(): global line line, = ax.plot(x, np.zeros_like(x)) ax.set_xlim(0, 2*np.pi) ax.set_ylim(-1,1) def animate(i): line.set_ydata(np.sin(2*np.pi*i / 50)*np.sin(x)) return line, fig = … Read more