What is composite baseline in UCM and when it will be used?

The reference on “composite Baselines” is: “Best practices for using composite baselines in UCM“. Introduced in ClearCase v2002, composite baselines are a mechanism for grouping baselines into a collection. One baseline is designated as the composite, and other baselines become members of the composite You do not necessarily have to use composite baselines when you … Read more

Find files in Clearcase view newer than a specific date?

This is a cleartool find request with a time-based directive from the query language: (See Additional examples of the cleartool find command) cleartool find <vobtag> -element “{created_since(target-data-time)}” -print That will list elements (instead of versions, which would display many checkins versions for every file) This should work for snapshot or dynamic views, UCM or not … Read more

How to search files by label

cleartool find is a good start. You can execute those anywhere within your (snapshot or dynamic) view To generate the list of those elements which contain a version with a predetermined label (REL1) attached, use the following syntax of the cleartool find command: UNIX and Linux: % cleartool find -all -element ‘{lbtype_sub(REL1)}’ -print Windows: cleartool … Read more

how to find files in a given branch

You can quickly list all files from a particular branch: cleartool find . -type f -branch “brtype(abranch)” -print I would recommend combining that with: -user to limit to a particular user, in case several users use the same branch. cleartool find . -type f -branch “brtype(abranch)” -user aloginname -print -created_since filter, to find all elements … Read more

Clearcase Issue [closed]

individual stream for each developer under DV stream WhoĆ¢t???? This is SPARTA! (err… no: madness: this is madness) A stream represents a development effort, not a sandbox for a “resource” (i.e. “a developer”). Resources come and go, development tasks stay. You should have a stream per development line, upon which many developers create their own … Read more