Clearcase Issue [closed]

individual stream for each developer under DV stream Whoât???? This is SPARTA! (err… no: madness: this is madness) A stream represents a development effort, not a sandbox for a “resource” (i.e. “a developer”). Resources come and go, development tasks stay. You should have a stream per development line, upon which many developers create their own … Read more

Recursive checkin using Clearcase

I would recommend this question: Now the problem is to checkin everything that has changed. It is problematic since often not everything has changed, and ClearCase will trigger an error message when trying to check in an identical file. Meaning you will need 2 commands: ct lsco -r -cvi -fmt “ci -nc \”%n\”\n” | ct … Read more

How do I create a snapshot view of some project or stream in ClearCase?

2… 1 cleartool descr -l project:[email protected]\myPVob with some grep, you have the list of components (writable or not) and policies. If you want only the Streams: cleartool lsproj -tree [email protected]\myPVob You can repeat that for a Stream (to get the sub-streams) cleartool lsstream -tree [email protected]\myPVob For the foundation baselines of a Stream: cleartool descr -fmt … Read more

List the latest baseline of a component in a UCM stream one by one

If you consider the fmt_ccase options, %[latest_bls]CXp will always list the latest baseline for all components of a given Stream. So it is best to parse the result, and for each baseline name, to display its component name: cleartool describe -fmt “%[component]Xp” [email protected]/aPVob Also: %[latest_bls]CXp seems to be the only way to get directly the … Read more

How to obtain UCM stream and baseline with cleartool?

If you are in a view, you can: get the current stream cleartool lsstream -cview get all baselines for a component in that stream cleartool lsbl -comp [email protected]\myPVob -stream [email protected]\myPVob get all foundation baselines for that stream cleartool descr -fmt “%[found_bls]CXp” stream:[email protected]\myPVob Don’t forget that in a view on a stream with a modifiable component, … Read more

How do I roll back a file checked in to Clearcase?

What is described by skwllsp can be be done in a dynamic view through the use of extended pathnames cd m:/myDynamicView/MyVob/path/to/file cleartool lsvtree myFile cleartool checkout -c “cancel co” myFile copy [email protected]@/main/xx myFile cleartool checkin -nc myFile with xx being the version number you want to restore. But should you have made multiple checkins, including … Read more