tunneling secure websocket connections with apache

I’ve got it working. Scenario ————- —————- ———- | Browser |<—–>| Apache httpd |<—–>| Tomcat | | | SSL | 2.4.9 | SSL | 7.0.52 | ————- —————- ———- Browser WebSocket through Apache httpd, reverse proxying to the web app in Tomcat. All SSL front-to-back. Here’s the configuration for each piece: Browser Client Note the … Read more

mod_rewrite urlencoding an already urlencoded query string parameter – any way to disable this?

the way to accomplish this is via the NE (no escape) paramater. RewriteRule ^something.swf$ http://www.newdomain.com/something.swf [R=302,L] should in fact read RewriteRule ^something.swf$ http://www.newdomain.com/something.swf [R=302,NE,L] this will force mod_rewrite to leave all query string values as they are, without doing any encoding / escaping. as easy as that 🙂

Correct Apache AddType directives for font MIME types

I realize that this question is old, but for anyone looking for a quick copy/paste for adding font MIME types to their .htaccess: <IfModule mod_mime.c> AddType application/vnd.ms-fontobject .eot AddType application/x-font-opentype .otf AddType image/svg+xml .svg AddType application/x-font-ttf .ttf AddType application/font-woff .woff AddType application/font-woff2 .woff2 </IfModule>

The Redirection of Multiple Parked Domains doesn’t Work with Filename [closed]

If the questioner starts rewrite ruling with [R=301] 301 redirect, a.k.a. “Permanently Redirect”, and then he try to view his URL www.parkeddomain1.com/subfolder/ but the result of the rule wasn’t what he want, then even he try to change the redirecting rule, his web browser will always redirect that URL into the first URL where it … Read more

Apache rewrite rules not being applied for angularjs

This is now much easier in Apache 2.2.16+ using the FallbackResource directive. FallbackResource /app/index.html http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_dir.html#fallbackresource Depending on how you’re forwarding access to your API you may need to also leverage the enclosure to disable the fallback resource on specifically on API requests (2.2.24+). <Directory /api> FallbackResource disabled </Directory>