ColdFusion https connection failure

If you are using cfhttp to connect via SSL (https) then the ColdFusion server definitely needs the certificate installed to successfully connect. Here is a previous answer that I gave on a similar issue: Here are the steps you need to perform in order to install the certificate to the Java keystore for ColdFusion. First, … Read more

Remove the string from URL

Here is one way to do it. <cfset normalURL = “”> <cfoutput><p>#normalURL#</p></cfoutput> Output from above code: <cfset stringAfterLastSlash = ListLast(normalURL,””)> <cfoutput><p>#stringAfterLastSlash#</p></cfoutput> Output from above code: live <cfset stringRemovedFromURL = Replace(normalURL,”/#stringAfterLastSlash#”,””)> <cfoutput><p>#stringRemovedFromURL#</p></cfoutput> Output from above code: You can play with this code and see the results here.