How to format Swagger 2.0 text descriptions?

Markdown is supported in the Swagger Editor. Below is an example of using Markdown in an OpenAPI (Swagger) document: swagger: ‘2.0’ info: version: 0.0.0 title: Markdown description: | # Heading Text attributes _italic_, *italic*, __bold__, **bold**, `monospace`. Horizontal rule: — Bullet list: * apples * oranges * pears Numbered list: 1. apples 2. oranges 3. … Read more

REST API Authentication

For e.g. when a user has login.Now lets say the user want to create a forum topic, How will I know that the user is already logged in? Think about it – there must be some handshake that tells your “Create Forum” API that this current request is from an authenticated user. Since REST APIs … Read more

What’s the currently recommended way of performing partial updates with Web API?

There is no support in the current latest stable release of Web API (from August 2012). So if all you want to use is Web API RTM, you would have to implement the whole plumbing yourself. With that said, OData prerelease package supports partial updates very nicely through the new Delta<T> object. Currently the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.OData … Read more

REST vs JSON-RPC? [closed]

The fundamental problem with RPC is coupling. RPC clients become tightly coupled to service implementation in several ways and it becomes very hard to change service implementation without breaking clients: Clients are required to know procedure names; Procedure parameters order, types and count matters. It’s not that easy to change procedure signatures(number of arguments, order … Read more

How to use object filter with softlayer rest api?

Try to follow these recomendations: Getting first parameter through Service Datatype or How to define the first parameter as simple way? Getting first parameter through Service Datatype You are trying to get SoftLayer_Account::getBlockDeviceTemplateGroups As you see, you are using SoftLayer_Account service, you need to open its datatype from this service: You can go here: … Read more