How can I embed a YouTube video on GitHub wiki pages?

It’s not possible to embed videos directly, but you can put an image which links to a YouTube video: [![IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE](]( For more information about Markdown look at this Markdown cheatsheet on GitHub. For more information about Youtube image links look this question.

Merging multiple video files with ffmpeg and xfade filter

Your offsets are incorrect. Try: ffmpeg -i v0.mp4 -i v1.mp4 -i v2.mp4 -i v3.mp4 -i v4.mp4 -filter_complex \ “[0][1:v]xfade=transition=fade:duration=1:offset=3[vfade1]; \ [vfade1][2:v]xfade=transition=fade:duration=1:offset=10[vfade2]; \ [vfade2][3:v]xfade=transition=fade:duration=1:offset=21[vfade3]; \ [vfade3][4:v]xfade=transition=fade:duration=1:offset=25,format=yuv420p; \ [0:a][1:a]acrossfade=d=1[afade1]; \ [afade1][2:a]acrossfade=d=1[afade2]; \ [afade2][3:a]acrossfade=d=1[afade3]; \ [afade3][4:a]acrossfade=d=1” \ -movflags +faststart out.mp4 How to get xfade offset values: input input duration + previous xfade offset – xfade duration offset = … Read more

Sendcmd in ffmpeg

You are encountering several issues: Not all filters support sendcmd. You can see which filters support sendcmd with ffmpeg -filters. Look for a “C” to the left of the filter name. Additionally, only certain filter options (aka sendcmd “commands”) can be used with sendcmd. See the FFmpeg filter documentation, or refer to man ffmpeg-filters, and … Read more