Authentication issue when debugging in VS2013 – iis express

I had just upgraded to VS 2013 from VS 2012 and the current user identity (HttpContext.User.Identity) was coming through as anonymous. I tried changing the IIS express applicationhost.config, no difference. The solution was to look at the properties of the web project, hit F4 to get the project properties when you have the top level … Read more

What is the difference between customErrors and httpErrors?

*Updated April 2016 The customErrors attribute is used when the .net code is throwing an exception (404, 403, 500 etc) and the httpErrors attribute is used when IIS itself is throwing an exception. /myfakeextensionslessurl –> httpErrors 404 /myfakeaspsx.aspx –> customErrors 404 /myfakeimage.jpg –> httpErrors 404 /throw500.apx –> customErrors 500 /throw500 –> customErrors 500 There are … Read more