CASTING attributes for Ordering on a Doctrine2 DQL Query

You should be able to add your own function to implement this feature. The class would look something like this: namespace MyProject\Query; use Doctrine\ORM\Query\AST\Functions\FunctionNode; use Doctrine\ORM\Query\Lexer; use Doctrine\ORM\Query\Parser; use Doctrine\ORM\Query\SqlWalker; class CastAsInteger extends FunctionNode { public $stringPrimary; public function getSql(SqlWalker $sqlWalker) { return ‘CAST(‘ . $this->stringPrimary->dispatch($sqlWalker) . ‘ AS integer)’; } public function parse(Parser $parser) … Read more

Any difference between type assertions and the newer `as` operator in TypeScript?

The difference is that as Circle works in TSX files, but <Circle> conflicts with JSX syntax. as was introduced for this reason. For example, the following code in a .tsx file: var circle = <Circle> createShape(“circle”); Will result in the following error: error TS17002: Expected corresponding JSX closing tag for ‘Circle’. However, as Circle will … Read more