How to get Keycloak users via REST without admin account

You need to assign the view-users role from the realm-management client, for the desired user. That would be the configuration for the user: Then you can grab all the users from the ${keycloakUri}/admin/realms/${keycloakRealm}/users endpoint. That’s the info retrieved from the enpoint, accesed via Postman: Also, unrelated to the asked question, I strongly encourage you not … Read more

keycloak Invalid parameter: redirect_uri

What worked for me was adding wildchar ‘*’. Although for production builds, I am going to be more specific with the value of this field. But for dev purposes you can do this. Setting available under, keycloak admin console -> Realm_Name -> Cients -> Client_Name. EDIT: DO NOT DO THIS IN PRODUCTION. Doing so creates … Read more